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Wreath Sale Results

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 1:53pm

The boys did a fantastic job with the Wreath Sale fundraiser.  They exceeded our Sales Goal of $16,000 by selling $17,202 (a 35% increase from last year's sales of $12,695) !!!   Profit totaled $6,736 with the boys earning $5,442 for their Scout Accounts while also generating $1,294 for the Troop to cover camping and overhead costs (i.e. tents, tarps, cooking gear, propane, charcoal, etc.).  We bought $3,001 more product from Evergreen Industries, Inc. which earned us $543 in free product.
Congratulations to our Top 10 sellers => Mike Dean-Hendricks ($1,520), Tim Revnew ($1,050), Tyler Drost ($937), Sam Smith ($643), Tristan Parzych ($631), Garrett Coulter ($628), Quinn Jacobson ($608), Brian Scott ($590), Sean Addington (570), and Markus Bjerva ($551).

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