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Posted on Mar 26 2015 - 11:27am

WELCOME TO TROOP 9005! For those of you who have logged on to this site:  thanks!  It will be a great source of information about the troop and all the events we have going on. I would like to give you a bit of information about the Court of Honor (COH) that is scheduled for April 6, 2015.  A COH is a bit like a MINI Blue and Gold! It is a ceremony where advancements are given out to the scouts.  Bring your camera if your son is advancing or receiving a merit badge!  Family members are encouraged to attend, with hopefully one parent in attendance per scout.  We always have a theme and the snack is based on that theme.  Watch this site for what you will be asked to contribute! It is fun to see the creativness that the scouts/parents come up with regarding the treat they bring in!  Pinterest is a great help for finding creative snacks/treats! If your son has a food allergy we suggest you bring something that he can eat and share.  We try to label nut free and gluten free items as well. Please put this date on your family calendar and come celebrate with the troop. Our theme is "SCIENCE FICTION"!  
Again, welcome.  If you have any questions feel free to e mail or call me.     Brigid Michalowicz     Hospitality Chair           brigidmichalo@yahoo.com                    651 730-0855

New Scout Campout - This Weekend (March 27-29)

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 12:29pm

Come join the fun at the New Scout Campout on March 27-29 at Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp in the beautiful new Swanson Lodge !!!
Our brand new Boy Scouts will learn basic Scout skills, work on achieving their first rank advancement (Scout rank), earn Firem'n Chit for fire safety, and earn their Totin' Chip for ax & saw safety.  Parents of the new Scouts are especially encouraged to attend all or part of the campout to ease your son into camping with the Troop (and to see what a Boy Scout campout is like).
Older Scouts will work on Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge, help mentor the new Scouts, and enjoy the great outdoors.
This is a cabin camping experience (optional outdoor camping) with mess hall cooking by the entire Troop.
Please sign up no later than Monday, March 23rd at the Troop Meeting (contact Tom McFadden mcfadden21@outlook.com or Ken Audette ken@minnesotarusco.com).

Court of Honor/Science Fiction Theme!

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 7:44am

Please plan on attending our next Court of Honor on APRIL 6, from 7 to 8:30 in Fellowship Hall.  Please bring a science fiction themed treat or drink depending on your patrol!  Screaming Eagles and Spider Monkeys:  please bring two jugs of juice, your choice, instead of a baked treat. Have fun creating a fun treat to share...don't forget to check Pinterest boards as well.  Plan on bringing at least one dozen treats to share, as we will have over 120 people attending!  Label treats if they contain nuts or if they are gluten free please!  Questions:  Brigid Michalowicz  brigidmichalo@yahoo.com    651 730-0855

Wreath Sale Results

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 1:53pm

The boys did a fantastic job with the Wreath Sale fundraiser.  They exceeded our Sales Goal of $16,000 by selling $17,202 (a 35% increase from last year's sales of $12,695) !!!   Profit totaled $6,736 with the boys earning $5,442 for their Scout Accounts while also generating $1,294 for the Troop to cover camping and overhead costs (i.e. tents, tarps, cooking gear, propane, charcoal, etc.).  We bought $3,001 more product from Evergreen Industries, Inc. which earned us $543 in free product.
Congratulations to our Top 10 sellers => Mike Dean-Hendricks ($1,520), Tim Revnew ($1,050), Tyler Drost ($937), Sam Smith ($643), Tristan Parzych ($631), Garrett Coulter ($628), Quinn Jacobson ($608), Brian Scott ($590), Sean Addington (570), and Markus Bjerva ($551).

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